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Yaesu FT-8800R Vhf/uhf Dual Band Amateur Radio Transceiver - 50W/35W - 2 Meter And 70CM

FT-8800R Vhf/uhf Dual Band Amateur Radio5 Star Rating
FT8800R Vhfuhf Dual Band Amateur Radio Yaesu FT8800R Vhfuhf Dual Band Amateur Radio Transceiver 50W35W 2 Meter And 70CM Image 1
Brand New FT-8800R Vhf/uhf Dual Band Amateur Radio

Shopping for a cb for your car? See the FT-8800R Vhf/uhf Dual by Yaesu. I actually loved that it has cross band repeater, 1000 alphanumeric channels, packet jack, v/v, u/u, vu display. The color of the cb is black. The part number for this is FT-8800R. Brand new FT-8800R Vhf/uhf Dual.

The FT-8800R Vhf/uhf Dual Band Amateur Radio is really a great gift. yaesu vhfuhf dual band amateur radio

Price: $499.00
Brand: Yaesu
Model: FT-8800R
UPC: 788026088768
Color: Black

Yaesu Dualband Amateur Ham Radio FT-8800R. ARTS system, detachable Faceplate, cross-band repeat and more! . 8Vdc at 14 Amps or greater for power. Features seperate volume and squelch controls, lighted mike, remote mountable faceplate. Full twin Band w/ cross band repeater mode. Requires regulated 12-13. Transmits 2 meter band 144-148Mhz and 70cm band 430-450Mhz. Receives 108-520Mhz and 700-999Mhz (except cellular ). Hasd ctcss/dcs, Alphanumeric display, 1000ch memories, scan modes.

  • Output is 50W VHF and 35W UHF w/lower power settings, CTCSS/DCS (PL and DPL), scan modes and more.
  • Includes Lighted microphone w/ direct entry keypad, dual fused Power cord, and mounting bracket.
  • Transmits 144-148Mhz and 430-450Mhz (2 meter and 70cm), Receives 108-520Mhz and 700-999Mhz (less cell).
  • Full Twin Band Amateur Mobile Transceiver - VHF/UHF Simultaneous Receive of 2 Frequencies and Cross-Band Repeater Capability!
  • Cross band repeater, 1000 Alphanumeric channels, Packet jack, V/V, U/U, VU display.
  • Count: 1
  • Package: Height: 3.23" Length: 13.86" Width: 9.69"
  • Package Weight: 4.25 lbs.

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