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Galaxy DX-929 40-CHANNEL Cb Radio With Star Lite Faceplate

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DX929 40CHANNEL Cb Radio With Star


Model: DX-929
UPS: 656955109291
Package Quantity: 1

For anyone looking to buy a cb radio I have assembled some information. The DX-929 40-CHANNEL Cb Radio With Star is a superb item. One of the key characteristics for this item is the large meter with scales for signal strength, power output, modulation, and swr. Other highlights include things like adjustable dimmer control, variable power output control and adjustable talkback circuit. The cb has got a weight of 3.63 lbs. The UPC for this is 656955109291. Awesome deal on DX-929 40-CHANNEL Cb Radio With Star. To get the same bargain I found, check out the add to cart button.

Green and Blue Backlit Lettering on Faceplate. Variable Power Output Control. Mobile CB Radios Automatic SWR Circuit. New Smaller Chassis 7. High SWR Alert Circuit. CB Radio and 10 Meter Hardware. Front Panel Mic Jack. 25 x 2. Large Meter with Scales for Signal Strength Power Output Modulation and SWR. Adjustable Talkback Circuit. 25. Adjustable Dimmer Control. Frequency Counter Jack on Back.


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