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ALL-IN-1 Emergency Crank Radio, Model# FR300

ALL-IN-1 Emergency Crank Radio4 Star Rating
ALLIN1 Emergency Crank Radio
Selecting A ALL-IN-1 Emergency Crank Radio On The Internet

The ALL-IN-1 Emergency a great cb. ALL-IN-1 Emergency happens to be an instance of top quality product you can buy from the internet. In case you are looking to acquire this product, you have come to the perfect place. We provide you unique promotions with this good product with protected transaction. Bar Code# 750254412707. It weighs around 1 lbs. Selecting a ALL-IN-1 Emergency .

Is the ALL-IN-1 Emergency Crank Radio available? emergency crank radio multipurpose unit provides

Used Price: $98.88
Brand:Northern Tool and Equipment

This multipurpose unit offers you getting a radio, light and cell phone battery life when you need them most! The handcranked energy generator charges the internal Ni MH battery pack to power the unit for NOAA weather channels, Television VHF channels and your favorite radio stations. 1-year limited warranty. Excellent for camping, traveling in the car or anywhere electricity is nonexistent.

  • Product Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 3.1" Length: 7.8" Width: 7.7"
  • Package Weight: 1.9 lbs.

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